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 TitouxBot Wakfu Télécharger [compatible Dofus]

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Date d'inscription : 18/11/2013

TitouxBot Wakfu Télécharger [compatible Dofus] Empty
MessageSujet: TitouxBot Wakfu Télécharger [compatible Dofus]   TitouxBot Wakfu Télécharger [compatible Dofus] Icon_minitimeMar 19 Nov - 19:59

TitouxBot Wakfu Télécharger [compatible Dofus]


Supported gathering professions: Farming, Lumberjacking, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining and Trapping.

Supported craft professions: AoE Weapons master, Armorer, Baker, Chef, Close-C Weapons Master, Handyman, Jeweler, Karma Minter, Leather Dealer, Long-D Weapons Master and Tailor.

When I started using the Wakfu profession bot I was about level 5 in farming, I turned on the bot and went on with my business. I returned to my computer a short time later to find I’d went up three whole levels. The bot is able to run up to 12 hours continuously with short breaks in between. You can easily powerlevel any Wakfu profession using this Wakfu bot. I, myself, plan to use this Wakfu profession bot to become one of the richest players in Wakfu. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same today, so get this free bot while it’s still available to the public. Also be sure to check back daily for any new updates as well as new releases!


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TitouxBot Wakfu Télécharger [compatible Dofus]
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